Marriage / Wedding in Georgia 

Our Vision

Love is original and real, touching and full of sensuality like Georgia.
And we would like to support all lovers in their wedding vows in such a way that bureaucracy is almost not noticeable and the feeling of two people who also want to unite before the law can be lived. Because the feeling is life...
In case of doubt beyond all borders...
We would also like to offer a much more interesting alternative to getting married in Denmark, which is still little known.

Our Agency Team

Nino Gergedava

I work with dedication and commitment for my prospective married couples. It is always a great pleasure for me to pave the way for the happiness of a new connection. It is a work for love in the world across all borders in my beloved homeland of Georgia...

Eva Beringhoff

I myself got married in Tbilisi and Georgia gave me a great sense of security.
This is especially important when the people who want to commit to marriage are from different nations. Georgia overcomes most existing bureaucratic obstacles...

Martin Beringhoff

Our work is our passion and a positive drive for each new day as we have had the experience of getting married here ourselves. The authorities have been thorough and conscientious, but with the right support on the ground, the process has been a walk with your feet barely touching the ground compared to other countries. It can be so pleasantly uncomplicated...

Getting married in Georgia


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Fon/whatsapp: +49 173 838 6939 german, english


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